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Applies only to Masterclasses

EPSO Field-related Interview Masterclass

Date : 18/10/2021


Date : 21/10/2021

DEVCO Case Study / Written Test - Last-minute Exceptional Revision of the Repeated test

Date : 25/10/2021

EPSO Competency-based Interview (CBI) Masterclass

Date : 28/10/2021

Free Session EPSO Virtual Interview Techniques

Date: 22/10/2021

EPSO Selection Process for Managers

Over this type of one-on-one coaching, Carmen helps you approach the demands of the selection process in the best possible way.

For the application stage, we work on how to draft texts for the questionnaires and application forms. CV writing is, as well, something we do not leave to chance.

Moving forward, we prepare for the interview(s). Here, we work on understanding how your experience is relevant to the role. Nonetheless, we further stress how your personal traits may support your performance.

Understanding the ins and outs of the assessment center is critical in producing superior results at this stage. We go through every aspect of each test, understanding what is being assessed, and what techniques to use to score the highest possible. Moreover, you will learn to bring your best self to succeed at the management simulation exercises.

You may have to prepare a presentation to a high-level panel, as well, as part of your competition. For example, Carmen can help you plan the drafting of your briefing report. Working under high pressure is another aspect you get to practice during the session.

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