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EPSO COMPUTER-BASED TESTS (Abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning)

This 3-hour online group coaching with Carmen will boost your overall performance at the following computer-based tests (CBT) of your EPSO competition:

  • Verbal reasoning: discover strategies of logical thinking in order to work effectively and efficiently with verbal information
  • Numerical reasoning: learn how to think quickly and accurately when dealing with high amounts of numerical information
  • Abstract reasoning: master easy rules and simple patterns to help you interpret relationships between visual concepts

Language: English

Minimum number of participants: 30 persons

Price: 60€

Carmen is very professional and excellent coach who helped me succeed in the EPSO competition. She was able to highlight my strongest points needed for the exam as well as very effective in building my self-confidence. I would like to recommend her to those who need to improve their personal presentations and prepare themselves for EPSO exams!

Dates : 11/10/2020
Hours : 10:00 – 13:00
Location: Online session
Participants: Minimum 30 persons


11/10/2020 Session

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