This intensive 2-hour group coaching will help you prepare and excel at the case study.

Coaching is divided into three parts:

  • Strategies to read, organise case study information in a timely and effective way.
  • Support with idea organisation, content transformation and report writing.
  • Strategies on how to organise yourself and deliver quality outputs under extreme time pressure!

About the trainer:

  • Ms. Carmen Peter is an executive coach and trainer living in Brussels
  • She has 20+ years of successful EPSO coaching experience
  • She has worked for 20+ years for the European Commission as an accredited coach and trainer

Carmen Peter is Brussels’ #1 recommended EPSO coach. Train with the best and be at your best on your exam day!

  • Language: English
  • Minimum number of participants: 6 persons
  • Platform: Zoom

January promotion: New Year & New You 25% discount (150 euros instead of 200 euros)

We introduced a year-long programme “Refer-a-Friend” to make preparation more fun and save more:

  • When you refer a friend to carmenpeter.eu there is a double-win:
  • Your friend will get 30 Eur off the masterclass price
  • You get 30 Eur off as well!

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13/01/2022, 12-14 CET

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