EPSO Situational Competency-based Interview (SCBI) Masterclass

In this intensive two-hour group coaching on the Situational Competency-Based Interview (SCBI), Carmen helps you bring your best self to the interviewer. You will learn how to prepare yourself in order to display the competencies assessed by the SCBI, such as Analysis & Problem Solving, Learning & Development, Prioritising & Organising, Resilience, Working with Others, and Leadership. Using a tried and tested way to structure, organize, and present your ideas in a manner relevant to the given situation is the best way to show your competence. You will learn how to showcase your strengths and address challenges in a constructive and professional manner. You will receive guidance on your skills, how to use, and hone them further.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, we trust that you will present your thinking to the best of your abilities using our established methods.

About the trainer:

  • Ms. Carmen Peter is an executive coach and trainer living in Brussels
  • She has 20+ years of successful EPSO coaching experience
  • She has worked for 20+ years for the European Commission as an accredited coach and trainer

Carmen Peter is Brussels’ #1 recommended EPSO coach. Train with the best and be at your best on your exam day!

  • Minimum number of participants: 6 persons
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Zoom

January promotion: New Year & New You 25% discount (150 euros instead of 200 euros)

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24/01/2022, 18-20 CET

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