EPSO Small Group Simulation Coaching

We have launched yet another powerful tool that will help you integrate and apply all theoretical concepts, while giving you the opportunity of a one on one dialogue that will boost your professional capacity – the small group simulation coaching.

Real time interaction with Carmen will allow you to sharply develop your storytelling and dialogue skills, achieving higher capacity of synthesis and expression. The immediate and personalized feedback that she provides, is the last piece from the puzzle that you need to master, in order to forge ahead of your competitors in your EPSO exams.

Working in a group of maximum 8 persons, the “small group simulation coaching” is an excellent complement to the EPSO tests advanced training, combining, in a concrete manner, the theoretical and practical part of any competition.

Language: English

Minimum number of participants: 6 persons / session

Maximum number of participants: 8 persons / session

Price: 200€

Carmen is very professional and excellent coach who helped me succeed in the EPSO competition. She was able to highlight my strongest points needed for the exam as well as very effective in building my self-confidence. I would like to recommend her to those who need to improve their personal presentations and prepare themselves for EPSO exams!

Coaching for SCBI – Small Group Simulation

Dates : 28/02/2021 (15:00 – 17:00), 28/03/2021 (10:00 – 12:00)
Location: Online session
Participants: Minimum 6 persons, Maximum 8 persons


28/02 SCBI

28/03 SCBI

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