Exceptional Session on the EPSO Oral Presentation AD5 Law (Given Assignments)

For those of you preparing for the Administrators in the field of European Law AD5 competition, on Thursday 24 March at 12:00 PM CET we will organize a hands-on Exceptional Session on the Three Given Subjects of the Oral Presentation exam!

How can Carmen help you practice during the training?

  • analysis of the three given assignments (V1, V5, V9)
  • organization of the information
  • how to expand the information given into resolves of the assignments
  • to respond & attempt to respond to the given assignments during the practice
  • brainstorm with other participants for the possible answers of the given assignment

In the end, you have access to a down-to-earth, concrete rehearsal of what your exam might look like.

About the trainer:

  • Ms. Carmen Peter is an executive coach and trainer living in Brussels
  • She has 20+ years of successful EPSO coaching experience
  • She has worked for 20+ years for the European Commission as an accredited coach and trainer

Carmen Peter is Brussels’ #1 recommended EPSO coach. Train with the best and be at your best on your exam day!

  • Language: English
  • Minimum number of participants: 6 persons
  • Platform: Zoom

PRICE: 150 euros


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24/03/2022, 12-14 CET

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