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It is not unusual for people to face challenges in their professional lives that hinder career development.

From problem solving to career management and communications, Carmen will help you build the professional and personal skills you need to excel.

It’s a two-way process. As a client, you should be ready to bring your motives, beliefs, experience and challenges – with Carmen on-hand to provide external guidance and expertise.

Learning together, you will create a tailor-made solution for success. 

Sessions cover the following topics:

Problem solving

Let’s say you have an urgent problem to solve. You need a sounding board, a sparring partner, someone to talk to or challenge your thinking.

Carmen will help you to look at the situation from a different perspective – giving you a helicopter view of the problem you are facing. There is no need to sign-up for weeks of coaching. Sometimes a one-off session is perfect!

Personality, personal needs and interpersonal skills

Coaching the individual means coaching the person. Whether you need help with professional or personal issues – or a combination of the two – it is important to take the time to ‘know yourself’.

Carmen can equip you to better manage the demands of work and private life. Working together, you will learn how to balance intrapersonal and interpersonal needs to set the path for success.

Career management

Whether you are choosing a career, changing it, preparing for a promotion, or simply looking for more job satisfaction – good career management is the key to success.

Carmen can help you build your sphere of influence at work and in the world at large. Tailored coaching will help you identify and optimise key areas of development so that you can make the most of upcoming career opportunities. 

Enhancing communication skills

Communication is an essential tool in professional, public and private situations. Mastering these skills can mean the difference between success and failure.

Carmen will help you understand your communication style and adapt it to the needs of different audience groups. You will learn how to communicate in a range of situations and build essential skills for public speaking, negotiations, oral presentations and written communications.


If you have managerial responsibilities then Carmen’s individual coaching sessions are for you.

Sessions cover the following topics:

Assessment of management abilities and style

This type of 1-1 coaching is designed to assess and develop your managerial skills and abilities, networking, visibility and reputation management (both within your organisation and the outside world). 

Carmen will help you identify your personal management style and get to grips with the golden rules of networks and relationship building.

Managing people

In the 21st century, managing people doesn’t just mean a traditional in-house team. It often extends to virtual situations, task forces, groups, facilitation sessions and other activities.

Carmen will help you identify the key roles in a successful team. Refining and enhancing your personal management style, you will learn how to inspire, motivate, delegate and empower your team towards their final goal.

Managing diversity

Understanding how to manage diversity is critical to the development of a welcoming and inclusive workplace.

Carmen can help you cultivate this environment by building a professional understanding of what constitutes diversity – together with the cultural values and dimensions that embed this positive organisational culture. 


Coaching focuses on the individual leading the company and how well he/she manages the change process. Carmen will help you read the character of your organisation and the individuals that work within it. Exploring the pulse of personality, organisational culture, goal setting and change management, this programme will guide you towards the development, implementation and roll out of your new  strategy. Together you can lay the foundations of the change you want to see.