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Carmen is here to guide you on the road to success. Whether you are looking to problem-solve, adjust, change or improve, her tailored personal and group coaching sessions will help you achieve professional success.

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EPSO #fieldrelatedtests - advanced trainings (administrators in European Law AD5) - Written Test

05.12.2020 – Online
Price : 150 EUR

EPSO #fieldrelatedtests - advanced trainings (development cooperation and humanitarian aid AD7/AD9) - Written Test

05.12.2020 – Online
Price : 150 EUR

EPSO #fieldrelatedtests - advanced trainings (external relations AD5/AD7) - Written Test

05.12.2020 – Online
Price : 150 EUR

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“The words, structures, ready sentences that Carmen teaches you come up handy in the difficult moments during the interview and are versatile enough to use in many situations! Carmen is the best!” (Training 30/11/2019)

Group exercise

“Great Group Exercise simulations! Carmen gave us great tips and how to perform well in the exercise and adapted to each personality! We also conducted two simulations that were great, as we saw the improvement between the first one and the second one!” (Training 7/12/2019)


“Coaching with Carmen there is only one result: you self-improve! She gives you the steps you need to practice! She helps you for your exam as well as for your life! Thank you for the improvement I noticed in myself since you coach me!” (Training 7/12/2019)

Case study

“Carmen was structured, analytical and strategic! Her tips given on how to approach exercises like the case study were extremely valuable because she thought on how to tackle information against the clock.” (Training 21/10/2017)

Talent Screener

“Understanding how the different contexts operates, she effectively coached me on how I should have prepared my CV and structured the Talent Screener to best address the requirements and criteria of the competition.” (14/12/2017)

Oral presentation

“Carmen was an excellent Coach for the European Competitions! Thanks to her excellent skills, I passed the oral exam to enter the European institutions!”
(Policy Officer, 13/03/2017)

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