Image Management

Welcome to Image Management by Carmen Peter!

I invite you to discover my newest service dedicated to professionals who want to discover, reinvent and ultimately to improve their professional image. Let’s not forget that your image is your first “message” to your audience and you have only one occasion to create a first impression!

How it works

During our 2-hours session we will meet in person and we will discuss your main objectives in detail: we co-create a personalised orientation guide, and we chose together the best outfits, colour’s palette and style that best suit your figure, professional situation and your goal and purpose for career development! Let’s again remember that you dress up for your next position and your image can help or not acquire this next position!

Details that we have to clarify during this private image management session: outfits number, fabrics, occasion to wear them, tailor services depending on the outfits.

Prior to our 2-hours session I recommend browsing through my outfits gallery below and choosing the ones you like. Another way to use the gallery with outfits you find on the website is to go through, choose the outfit that matches your needs, in terms of occasion, where you will wear it, image you want to project, fabrics, style, design and then we have a clarification discussion to decide your best outfit responding to these criteria!

Price and other important details

  • 2-hours image management session: 200 euro (plus taxes)
  • Fabrics – you will need to buy the fabrics yourself based on the recommendations during our coaching session
  • Tailoring services: 100 euros – 200 euros depending on the outfit to be tailored


  • For the launch of this first ever image management program, the first 5 people to buy the image management services will get a 50% discount on the coaching session price. (use code 50OFF)
  • Bring a friend and you will both get a 30% discount on the coaching session price and you will share an inspiring session together to help you fuel your career development! (you will both participate at the 2-hours session at the same time). (use code 30OFF)
  • Promotions cannot be cumulated.

Image management 2-hours session (200 euro + taxes)