This 1,5-hour online group coaching (45 minutes presentation, 45 minutes questions & answers) will help you prepare for the following computer-based tests (CBT) of your EPSO competition:

  • Verbal reasoning: Learn how to think logically and understand verbal information.
  • Numerical reasoning: Raise your analytical thinking abilities to understand numerical information.
  • Abstract reasoning: Learn how to understand relationships between concepts free from linguistic, spatial or numerical elements .
  • Situational judgement: Master the art of predicting behaviour in hypothetical but realistic work-based scenarios which require decision making.


How to succeed your EPSO Application Form?

The application form is the number one step of your EPSO Competition, giving you the opportunity to make a good first impression to the jury. You can be memorable and take the first step ahead. Through this free training, Carmen will help you draft the best answers to the four questions of the upcoming competition for the Secretaries AST1 and AST 2/ AD5 LAW/ AD7 profiles:

Experience: how is your education and training relevant to this profile?

Carmen will explain how to phrase this paragraph to convince the jury you have the right educational background, based on subjects of interest to the assessors.

Interest: why did you decide to apply for European Institutions or agencies?

Carmen will help you to highlight your motivation to join a public service, both in general and for this specific public service /institution and profile, why this appeals to you and why at this moment in your career.

Contribution to the EU: what specific contribution do you think you could make to the work of the EU? What role would you like to play?

Carmen will give tips on how to underline your strengths, what you would bring to your work and why your abilities are needed.

Strengths: What are two of your main achievements?

Carmen will show how to best describe the process you went through and its positive outcomes, the leading role you played or decisive contribution you made and the lessons learned.

3. AD Assessment Centre Q&A

Do you have a burning question about your EPSO assessment centre tests?

You will get the chance to ask it during a dedicated 1-hour free online collective session with Carmen.

Carmen can give you valuable hints about how to…

  • Draft a high-quality report for the case study
  • Achieve peak performance at the structured interview and oral presentation
  • Project your skills in a team environment throughout the group exercise, and so on.

Language: English

Price: Free

I warmly recommend Carmen to everyone interested to get a career with the European Institutions. Carmen can help you succeed in a competition or to further develop your career. She is a very successful coach. Thank you Carmen!


  • MASTER THE SECRETS OF EPSO COMPUTER-BASED TESTS – 12/07/2020, 19/07/2020, 26/07/2020 – 10:30 – 12:00
  • AD ASSESSMENT CENTRE Q&A – 15/07/2020, 22/07/2020 – 12:00 – 13:00

Location: Online session 


12/07 CBT

19/07 CBT

26/07 CBT

15/07 AD Q&A

22/07 AD Q&A

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