Free Session EPSO Virtual Interview Techniques

We have committed to giving more to the EPSO community. That’s why we created Carmen Peter –  EPSO Coaching Facebook group. We invite you to join us there for exclusive content and meetings.

For this, Carmen is going to hold a Free Exclusive session on Friday, 22nd October on the subject: EPSO Virtual Interview Techniques. This is a closed group meeting and we hope you will be present for the ins & outs of virtual interviewing during these times.

About the trainer:

  • Ms. Carmen Peter is an executive coach and trainer living in Brussels
  • She has 20+ years of successful EPSO coaching experience
  • She has worked for 20+ years for the European Commission as an accredited coach and trainer

Language: English

Price: Free

I warmly recommend Carmen to everyone interested to get a career with the European Institutions. Carmen can help you succeed in a competition or to further develop your career. She is a very successful coach. Thank you Carmen!

Dates: 22/10/2021 EPSO Virtual Interview Techniques
Hours: 12PM – 1PM CEST
Location: Exclusive Facebook Group session


22/10/2021 Virtual Interview Techniques (Exclusive Session on Facebook Group)

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